Manicure & Pedicure Files

Nail Files: - We manufacture a huge range of nail files to keep your nails beautiful and in shape after cutting and trimming. They are manufactured from high quality stainless steel for longevity and also available in Serrated & Sapphire Coated with plastic handles for extra grip.

Pedicure Files: - Our pedicure files are perfect for the rough and hard skins and are manufactured from high quality stainless steel with inter changeable scraper. They are available in full stainless steel and with plastic handle.

They are available in both single & double end and in multi sizes.

  • Stainless Steel fully autoclaveable .
  • Single and double sided.

Barber Razors and Corn Cutters: - A huge variety of Barber Razors and Corn Cutters are also available in full stainless steel or with plastic handle including all their accessories. Beauty Kits: - We offer a huge range of manicure & pedicure kits (House and Professional Use) for the safety of these costly body care tools. Our fancy beauty kits are perfectly stitched from premium quality Leather and synthetic material/Velvet in different colors and sizes to fit the exact profession.